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Posted on 20th October 2021

6 ways to handle work-related stress…that don’t involve drinking or taking drugs

How can you handle work related stress? Work can be stressful…very. Your job is a huge part of your life and coping with that work-related stress can feel like a job in itself.

If drink or drugs has become a crutch or a coping mechanism, here are a number of ways to help you6 ways to handle work-related stress…that don’t involve drinking or using


  1. Drains and radiators

Some people radiate energy and positivity. Some drain it.

Talk to the ones that don’t sap your energy and keep you in a bad place.


  1. Be ‘selfish’

Looking after yourself isn’t selfish at all, but you might think it is which is why you might not be doing it. Create the time outside of work to do the things you like and that make you feel good. It’s an investment for you and your family.


  1. Get support

If you work for an employer that cares, they will be all ears and will find ways to support you. They may even be interested to know that we can work with them to arrange addiction treatment paid for by the company if that’s something that helps you.


  1. Get comfy

A factor in work related stress is being physically uncomfortable. You might not be aware of it as a factor but your body will be. Making sure you are as physically comfortable as possible is important in dealing with what the day throws at you.


  1. Mulit-tasking is not something to be admired

Multi-tasking is a source of burn out. You might have lots to do, but do them separately from each other. A task organiser and project planner will help you keep your head clear and your stress down.


  1. Answer this question…

…is it worth it? And before you instantly answer, ‘I don’t have a choice’, properly think about it.

Sure, work is needed to pay bills. But it can also be a great source of satisfaction and fulfillment.


If you feel you need additional help with your drinking or drug use, our Outpatient Community Detox is totally discreet and tailored to you. You don’t need to ‘check in to rehab’; the treatment is flexible around your life.

Get in touch today for a call back from our friendly, discreet and experienced professionals.

NB – The NHS has lots of information and advice for anyone confronting their addiction.

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