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At Delphi, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible experience for clients across each of our services.

Below, you can read more about our clients’ battles with addiction and their experiences with Delphi Medical.

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Horizon Client

“Thank you. I’ll always remember you fondly for helping me during a dark time! I know what I must do to make my life happier & more fulfilling. So, I just need to put what I’ve learned into practice.”


Pavilion Client

“Thank you isn’t enough for the outstanding care and kindness shown to my brother during his recent alcohol health issues.”

DARS client

“I have attended many meetings and I have always been made to feel welcome and I’ve always felt like my point of view is valid and wanted.”

Pavilion Client

“Never have I seen such a remarkable group of individuals and team members. I could tell they enjoy what they do and I can’t thank or praise you all enough.”

DARS client

“I have had serious challenges over the past few months and previously I have hit the drugs hard. The team supported me throughout and I am proud to say I am still drug free.”

Pavilion Client

“I have been battling addiction since my father died. These issues were eating me inside and, for a while, I was suffering in silence. However, thanks to the efforts of staff, they noticed I was struggling and believed in me, helping me to change and get through it.”

Pavilion Client

“Just to say once again, thanks for everything. I could not have had better care, compassion and commitment from every one of the staff. In my opinion they go above and beyond what is expected of them. Absolutely fabulous in every way, I enjoyed the experience very, very much”

Horizon Client

“I’m eternally grateful for your support, kindness and understanding (yes, I know you’re just doing your job) but you really have helped me.”


Pavilion Client

“I am now fourteen days into my detox and feel that I have the strength and willpower to continue. I could not have done this without the support I have been given. I owe you a lot for helping me through this time and I wouldn’t be here without you.”

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