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Posted on 3rd January 2022

7 ways life improves when you quit drugs or drink

Quitting drugs or drink can be life-saving. If you are a heavy drinker or drug taker, the first and most obvious way your life improves by quitting is that you don’t die. Sounds blunt and obvious but sometimes, when someone is trapped in addiction, not even the threat of death can be enough of a deterrent.

Beyond that though, once you start a much healthier lifestyle, what else can you expect to happen and experience?

Here are 7 ways life improves when you quit drugs or alcohol.

1.) You have money!

When you are not budgeting each month to ensure your addiction is being satisfied, you will suddenly find you have more money than you had before. And that feels good because it means you can now cover your bills, buy yourself new clothes or eat out somewhere a bit fancy. There is also the comfort and overwhelming sense of calm that comes from not worrying about getting ’found out’.

‘You need to borrow some again? Can’t you just use your savings?’


2.) Your brain feels good

There is a clear and proven link between poor mental health and drink and drugs. Even just cutting down can help you feel mentally lighter, brighter, more positive and more capable of handling challenging times.

Clients who have recovered from an addiction report that their mood and general sense of happiness improve almost immeasurably. One former client said ‘it’s not until you have clear mind you realise how much you were in a battle with your own brain’.

Plus, you are not carrying around a big dark secret anymore – the lying can stop, the letting people down can stop and you can start to fulfil your potential. Getting that weight off your shoulders cannot be understated.

3.) Your body feels good too!

Partly because your mental health is better and that just puts the classic ‘spring in your step’, but also your body feels better because you are no longer putting toxins and poisons into it.

It sounds so obvious to say but when you are controlled by addiction, the physical side effects of your drug-taking or drinking can become something you just learn to deal with. It’s really only when you don’t have to contend with them that you realise just how good a healthy body feels.

4.) Self-esteem

You feel a sense of pride that can never exist when you are suffering from addiction. You can look at your bank account without tormenting yourself, you can enjoy a day with the kids instead of just lying on the sofa and you can look yourself in the mirror and see a bit of the old you looking back.

It’s unlikely it’s your fault you developed a dependency, so you shouldn’t burden yourself with shame or embarrassment. But the impact of addiction makes it very hard for anyone to feel good about themselves.

5.) Zzzzzzzzzzz

Without exhausting your brain with substances, your sleep will become more solid, consistent and effective. Your new healthier brain will start getting the full rest it needs, helping with almost every aspect of your life

6.) Relationships improve.

Your relationships and interactions with people will improve as you will be coming from a clearer place and not be filled with judgement and guilt. This will leave you more open to engage with your surroundings.

Even relationships that you didn’t know need improving slowly start to become stronger and more rewarding.

7.)  You can plan a future

What job do you want to do one day? Where do you fancy living? Where do you want to go on holiday in the summer? What could you do at the weekend?

Making even the most basic plans can seem futile to someone trapped in addiction. Now you are living your life free from drinking or drug-taking, you have a future that YOU are in control of.

Go and enjoy it.

Start making a future for yourself. If you feel you need help with your drinking or drug use, our Outpatient Private Detox is totally discreet and tailored to you. You don’t need to ‘check in to rehab’; you make a few visits to The Pavilion and then the rest of the treatment is flexible around your life.

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