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About Us

a leading provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the UK

With passion and excellence, we make a difference to people’s lives by providing innovative and specialist addiction services that lead the way from Dependence to Freedom.

We have an outstanding reputation for being one of the leading providers of recovery-focused drug and alcohol treatment. Our focus is on ensuring we provide excellent provision as part of a recovery pathway which supports and facilitates our patients to engage in genuine recovery.

We understand the role social determinants of health have to play in the efficacy and ability of an individual and communities to ‘recover’ from addiction. Our model is based upon providing the best possible opportunities for individuals and communities to start well, live well and age well.

Addiction does not discriminate, and can affect people who have a range of contributing issues, people with multiple unmet needs, people in employment, people out of employment, people with busy family lives, and people who have no social support.

We provide flexible solutions to recovery and do not adopt a one size fits all approach. We understand there are traumas linked with addiction, and we work with individuals to better understand these traumas. All of the work we do facilitates genuine recovery, and gives people a real chance at freedom from their addictions.

As a business, we pride ourselves on a strong culture that we have embedded via our values. We reference them in all decision making; from decisions about patient care through to strategic planning.

As part of our service delivery, we see that we have a wider role in changing cultures and social support, and we seek to work with multiple partners and communities in order to make real improvements. As part of The Calico Group and Syncora, we are in a unique position where we can widen our offer to provide bespoke services that fit the most complex needs.

We provide services in communities, in prisons, and also offer inpatient services. We also provide established and tailor-made training packages to share our skills and expertise in the addiction field.

Our Team - Addiction Specialists

We take pride in our strong workforce. We employ a range of professionals including Doctors, Therapists, Psychologists, Nurses, Non-Medical Prescribers, Recovery Practitioners, and Support Workers.

Our staff work in partnership with a variety of organisations and services to create genuine change, provide an enhanced patient experience, and add value to the health and social care system.

Emma Knape - Delphi - Calico Group

Emma Knape

Company Lead

Karon Brown - Delphi - Calico Group

Karon Brown

Head of Nursing and Clinical Services

Colin Fearns - Delphi - Calico Group

Colin Fearns

Head of Medicines Management

Claire Illingworth - Delphi - Calico Group

Claire Illingworth

Head of PSI and HMP Services

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