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Posted on 19th February 2018

How much is alcohol related absence costing your business?

Are you concerned about the level of alcohol use amongst your employee’s? Is this effecting the productivity of your business?

‘Employment protection law is sensitive to the underlying problems of alcohol dependence, employers are therefore required to treat dependence as a form of sickness, thereby giving an employee the opportunity to overcome the problem. Ultimately, an alcohol problem ought to be regarded as primarily a health issue rather than an immediate cause for discipline. This approach is supported by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), the ILO, and the Employment Appeals Tribunal’ (Institute of Alcohol Studies)

The Pavilion Inpatient Detox Lancaster can help

The Pavilion can provide assistance for both large and small businesses that have valued employee’s who are struggling with both alcohol/or substance use.

The Pavilion is a stunning 18 bed residential detoxification, wellbeing and dependency centre situated in picturesque private grounds, on the outskirts of Lancaster, with good access from the M6.

We are accessible to patients aged 18 years and over, delivering personalised and structured detoxification programmes, personally tailored to each individual.

Health, wellbeing, and personal empowerment are at the forefront of every programme, delivered in individual and group settings by trained medical and therapeutic professionals, with all services reflecting best practice and meeting CQC standards.

A free of charge initial assessment is available for individuals who require a clinical and therapeutic detox from both alcohol and/or substances.

We are here to help and will work closely with employers to provide detoxes for their valued employee’s. Our admissions team are able to admit at 24 hours notice or less if required and our 7-14 day detoxes mean your employee’s can access our services and return to work within a short period of time.

If you would like further information on how we can assist your business – call us directly 01524 39375. Email: Our admissions team are available 9am-9pm 7 days a week.

Francesca Vastano

Admissions Coordinator

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