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Posted on 2nd July 2019

Horizon RAMP – A safe environment to explore issues around addiction

Horizon provides a wide range of support for people struggling with addiction in Blackpool.

One of the programmes we offer is the Reduction and Motivation Programme (RAMP). RAMP provides a safe environment for those in active addiction to explore their problems, the impact on them and others, and the life changes they need to make to achieve real, lifelong recovery.

Here is just one example of the difference RAMP can make to people’s lives:

After Kelly’s last hospital admission, it was decided that she needed help quickly, and the Alcohol Liaison Nurse referred her to Horizon. After speaking with a key worker, it was agreed that Kelly would work with Horizon’s RAMP team and would attend group sessions at their Winstone House premises.

While assessing Kelly, it became apparent that her drinking had escalated and was spiralling out of control. This was having a major effect on other parts of her life, including her ability to care for her children, spiralling debts, lack of food and isolation.

Kelly decided that abstinence was the way forward and, after asking for Horizon’s support, she joined RAMP in November 2018. While attending the programme, Kelly began to make significant changes to her behaviour, and started moving forward in her recovery through absorbing the information she learnt through RAMP and from her peers.

Kelly’s attendance was excellent – she put in a lot of hard work and was incredibly punctual. The changes in Kelly’s behaviour were immediate, and she managed to successfully achieve abstinence.

After completing the 12-week RAMP programme, Kelly was referred to Horizon’s Pre-DEAP programme, and is aiming to join the full DEAP (Dependency Emotional Attachment Programme) once she completes this.

Since completing RAMP, Kelly has made changes in all areas of her life. She is spending more quality time with her son, as well as her family and friends. She is also involved with Horizon’s Individual Placement Support Team to help her find employment opportunities in the future.

Kelly feels she has much more structure and routine in her life, which is helping her avoid feelings of isolation. She also regularly attends the Recovery Group and Arts and Crafts Group at Horizon.

Due to the positive changes Kelly has made since achieving abstinence, she has made a conscious effort to attend all her medical and health care check-ups. She feels that she fits in better within her community, and is being much more productive.

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