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Posted on 30th July 2019

Horizon clients celebrate recovery journey

Following months of hard work and dedication, Horizon clients in Blackpool celebrated their journey to recovery from addiction with an emotional graduation ceremony.

Family and friends joined their loved ones at Blackpool Central Library for a moving celebration of the amazing achievements they have made in completing the Dependency, Emotional, Attachment Programme (DEAP).

Delivered by Acorn Recovery Projects, DEAP is available to those who have achieved abstinence and are motivated to maintain long-term recovery.

DEAP is delivered by qualified counsellors, many of whom have also been through recovery, and are therefore able to share their lived experience with their clients.

The highlight of the ceremony was a powerful film that highlighted each of the graduates’ experiences with addiction, the impact this has had on them and those around them, and their determination to get clean and live a live free from dependency.

The graduates’ family members shared poignant speeches speaking of their pride that their loved one had successfully made it through recovery, and the positive difference they had seen since completing the project.

All clients were then presented with certificates to commemorate the strength they have shown by completing the programme.

One of the graduates, Michael, gave a moving account of his experiences with addiction and recovery:

“I didn’t know I had a problem at first, until I lost my marriage through drinking. I lost everything, but I didn’t stop.

“I started drinking about 30 years ago. I was playing in bands at the time, so there was always drink and drugs around. It got to a stage where I didn’t care anymore, until I finished up ill.

“Recovery hasn’t been an easy journey, but I feel I’ve really achieved something. I’ve got myself straight, and now it’s just a case of moving on and building up again. I’m not getting any younger, so I don’t want to be end up back there again.

“Everyone at Horizon has been brilliant with me, even though I have been hard work.”

Horizon provides a wide range of support for all Blackpool residents who are struggling with issues around drugs, alcohol and sexual health.

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