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Posted on 18th December 2012

Delphi Medical pioneers digital detox tool

Delphi Medical is working with Breaking Free Online to bring a groundbreaking new service to North Lancashire, using both the internet and mobile phone apps to support recovering users of drugs and alcohol.

Breaking Free Online is an award-winning treatment and recovery programme on the internet, which has now been enhanced with the help of Lancaster-based mobile app and social media experts, Moshen.

This combined approach seeks to maximise treatment effectiveness and the chances of recovery through exciting and engaging structured interventions that can be delivered by workers or used independently by patients at their own pace.

The mobile application is an exceptionally powerful tool. By putting treatment advice on their phone, patients are able to carry information and support with them at all times.

The app can also be tailored to respond to personal triggers related to the individual’s addiction, whether that’s a time of day or specific locations in their community.

The app can provide alerts and reminders as an essential ‘early warning’ system that helps patients to avoid challenging scenarios and stay safe from relapse.

The first patients will begin using the service in November.

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