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Posted on 2nd November 2021

5 tips for an alcohol free Christmas

How to have an alcohol free Christmas

Whether you are just trying to cut down on your drinking, want to cut it out all together or are in recovery for an addiction, Christmas will feel like a massive obstacle.

The key is going into it with the right mindset, and by tweaking your approach to it you can play your part in a beautiful Christmas with friends and family – and enjoy it for yourself too.


Here are 5 ways to having a brilliant, peaceful and healthy alcohol-free Christmas


  1. Remember why you quit, or cut down, in the first place.

Take time to remember why you don’t want alcohol to play a part in your life, and really delve deep into the reasons that come up. Really think about it though, try and delve deep.  Find a core reason that really strikes a chord with you and write it down, and if you like, keep it visible as a reminder.

When you start to think that drinking might be worthwhile or if it seems like a good idea, get that piece of paper out and imagine the impact of going down that road.


  1. Get excited about new rituals

Has bucks fizz and bacon sarnies been a thing you do every Christmas morning? If so,find something new that becomes your ‘thing’. Get excited about it and who knows,in  generations from now, maybe your great grandchildren might also be enjoying the ultimate hot chocolate recipe that you created.


  1. Remember what makes Christmas special

Alcohol is a drug – it’s not a fun drug that makes special occasions, it’s just a drug that causes a variety of negative consequences.

And to prove that it’s not the special ingredient in a good Christmas, just take a look at children. They don’t touch a drop and they are the happiest people at this time of year. Sure, they don’t hopefully have the stresses and pain you may have endured, but they are the living evidence that it’s the special things at Christmas which makes it so much fun…it’s not the drinking.


  1. Experience don’t expect

Don’t aim for perfection, because it doesn’t exist. Aim for enjoying what challenges Christmas throws at you and knowing that being happy isn’t a destination or reward that is achieved if you do X, Y, and Z.

Be present with your friends and family and experience the time together, rather than expecting things to happen a certain way.


  1. you are stronger than you know

Honestly, you are.


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