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Posted on 12th October 2021

5 signs that an employee is an addict

5 signs that an employee is an addict

As an employer that wants to retain good employees, you should be aware of addiction and its impact on the individual and those around them.

In order to be able to help someone who is struggling with an addiction, it may be of use to be able to spot signs which may prompt important conversations.

It may not be an addiction that is the issue for them, but here are 5 signs that a member of staff may require your support with a dependency on alcohol or drugs.


  1. Increased absences, especially at specific times

The physical impact of an addiction is huge, and the fatigue following a period of using/drinking can leave someone incapable of adhering to the alarm clock.

This is particularly of note if there is a pattern to their absence, such as at the start of the week after a weekend or following pay day.


  1. Financial concerns

If an addiction takes hold, it is quite possible that financial struggles will follow. Everyone encounters tighter phases when it comes to cash flow, but an employee who makes regular requests for an advance on their salary, asks to borrow money from colleagues or even to borrow money against their retirement, might be giving you clues that they need some help with an addiction.


  1. Regular ill health

Addiction impacts someone’s resilience to illnesses and leaves them physically unwell, as well as impacting their mental health too.

Once again, this on its own may not mean the member of staff is battling an addiction but when combined with other factors it could be a topic that helps prompt the conversations to get them the help they need, and hopefully want.


  1. Poor appearance

An addict may struggle with finding the time and energy to maintain their physical appearance. Ironing, laundry, showering and brushing of teeth may, sadly, become luxuries when someone is battling an addiction.


  1. Erratic behaviour

This is normally the last ‘clue’ that they are not coping and some conversations need to be had that could lead to them getting addiction treatment.

Offending colleagues, being irritable, saying or doing things not suitable for the work lying and deceit, or just anything you might consider strange out of the ordinary – all things that would need addressing regardless but may be prompts to help them begin an addiction recovery.


If you have identified that an employee is in need of help, get in touch for advice guidance and details of our Outpatient Community Detox;  it’s discreet and fits around the individual’s life. There’s no need to ‘check in to rehab’ and turn their life on its head, the treatment is flexible and is designed to fit around their life.

One of our friendly and experienced advisors would be more than happy to speak with you and offer advice.


 NB – the NHS is a great resource an addiction and assocaited issues

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