Drugs and You

It doesn’t matter what your drug of choice is – they can all be addictive and harmful, potentially fatal.

  • Cannabis?
  • Legal highs?
  • Prescription painkillers?
  • Cocaine?
  • Methadone?
  • Heroin?

If you use drugs dependently or socially we are here to help you.

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How they affect you

Depressants e.g. Heroin and Methadone

They slow you down, so they affect your co-ordination and reaction times.

Stimulants e.g. Amphetamines (Ecstasy, Cocaine, Mephedrone)

They increase your heart rate, and give you a sense of increased alertness and energy. They can also make you become aggressive. The day after the “buzz” you get from stimulants, you might find yourself tired or depressed.

Hallucinogens e.g. Cannabis, Ketamine and ‘Magic Mushrooms’

They heighten your senses and the way you look at your surroundings, but they can also cause anxiety or paranoia. They can change your sense of time and the way you look at things, “tricking” your brain in dangerous ways.

Did you know: Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in the UK.

All drug use has health implications, but can also affect your relationships, your ability to hold down a job and carry out daily tasks, such as driving.

We can help you control your drug use or stop altogether.

We do this by looking at the reasons you use drugs, your triggers and cravings. Then we work with you to build stronger decision making skills and ways of coping.

This treatment could be:

  • A series of short term meetings with a Key Worker to look at why you use drugs and how to stop
  • Home detox, possibly with a substitute prescription
  • Residential detox
  • Residential rehab
  • Community rehab at Blackpool’s Winstone House.

The Hub

Young Person’s Substance Misuse Service

  • The Hub is for anyone under the age of 25 who has an issue with drugs and alcohol.
  • You can contact us directly or ask your GP, teacher or family member to help you contact us.
  • The Hub is a treatment service (including substitute prescribing) that works with young people and young adults to help them stop, reduce or control their reliance on alcohol and drugs.
  • Within the team, we can offer a health assessment to support treatment programmes, blood borne virus screening, and appropriate vaccinations.
  • If you have a drug or alcohol issue, The Hub can also help you with low level mental health needs such as anxiety and depression.
  • We will also look at minimising the harm substances do to you, and giving you the skills and confidence to move away from alcohol and drug dependency.
  • We can see you at a variety of locations including Connect, your GP surgery, your school or your home.


Phone: 01253 476010 E-mail: thehub@blackpool.gov.uk or contact us on Facebook

We also have drop-in sessions every weekday at Connect Young People’s Centre (26 Talbot Road, Blackpool, FY1 1LF) between 1-4pm.

The Hub can also put you in touch with WISH, Blackpool’s sexual health wellbeing service for young people.

Get In Touch

Talk to one of our friendly and professional experts today.

Call 01253 205156 or email hello@horizonblackpool.uk

All enquires are handled with total confidentiality.

Address: 102 Dickson Rd, Blackpool FY1 2BU

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